Sunday, March 18, 2007

three weeks old!

Well, another week old! Yeah me! This week my parents came up with several nicknames for me. Baybay is the all around favorite. I'm also called barracuda for my sucking capabilities and little bear since I take turns eating all day like I have this need to store my food for the long winter and the next day I sleep alot or hybernate just like a little bear.

Dadda sometimes refers to me as "mini me" since I look more like him these days. This makes momma mad because she wants me to look like her. Oh, well! I can't please them all! No matter who I look like, I'm still adorable. Sometimes, when I'm concentrating my forhead crinkles a little. My momma's favorite is when I am looking around or something attracts my attention and I make a perfect little "o" with my mouth. My silly parents even think I'm cute when I cry...I don't think that part is funny or cute at all!

My grandma and grammy think my eyes are going to stay bright blue like daddy's eyes but mommy is still holding out for a change ina couple of months to green just like her. I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Beautiful Day

Today I ventured outside with mommy. We spent most of the day enjoying the breeze and sunshine. We went on our first walk. Well, mommy did the walking and I rode along in the sling. I really loved just laying on mommy's chest while we rocked and nursed. The puppies got to run around and I had fun watching them play. I can't wait for the warm weather to come.

My hair is getting blonder everyday. I am doing better with nursing but can still be very stubborn sometimes. When I'm not sleeping, I just want to nurse. That's because I'm getting bigger and stronger everyday. I'm working on holding my head up and sometimes when I'm really mad and frustrated I can even push mommy's breast away. I'm a pretty tough cookie already.

As the weather gets warmer, hopefully mommy and daddy will take me on more outings (they are still worried about germs). I still have yet to go anywhere except the pediatrician's office. It's a big big world and I can already tell that I will be very curious to look around and explore everything!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

two weeks old!!

What an adventure! So far so good! Daddy stayed home with mommy and me for the first week. At three days old, I smiled for my parents. They were so excited (even though it was just gas). At five days old, my cord fell off. Daddy was a little freaked out and thought he could see my intestines so it was off to the pediatrician. Dr. Eberhart checked me out and said that everything looked fine and assured my daddy that the inside of my belly button was not going to spill out my insides. He put some silver nitrate to help dry out the remaining part of my umbilical cord. At seven days old, I had my first submersion bath. I loved it!! At eight days old, I made my first tear.

I'm letting mommy sleep 3 hours in between feedings. She's suppose to be napping when I sleep but she just wants to hold me all day long and stare at me. I can't say I blame her....I am pretty cute!

My grandma Hanna stayed at my house to help mommy after daddy went back to work. I love my grandma's singing. Grandma helps to keep mommy calm especially with the breast feeding.

I am growing bigger everyday. Mommy and daddy think I look different already. My daddy stakes claim that I look more like him everyday. I think I look just like my mommy, though. I guess you'll just have to judge for yourselves!