Wednesday, June 27, 2007

4 months old

Now things are getting very exciting! This past month, I have learned to scoot and roll over. I play with my toys and chew on everything! I am pre teething which means that I chew on my fist alot and drool...CONSTANTLY! I go through so many bibs in a single wouldn't believe it. I make a lot of sounds and I sing along with mommy. I can sit up all by myself for about 10 seconds but often fall over when I reach for my favorite toes!

I weigh 14 lbs now and I'm 24 inches long! I'm growing like a weed!!

I've been sleeping through the night for some time now which is a big help since momma went back to work part time. My aunt JuJu watches me and I'm a pretty good girl for JuJu. My and I adjusted pretty well to going back to work but I make sure to stay up until momma comes home from work whether daddy like it or not....I guess I should give him a break. Mommy says I mess with daddy's head. Hee Hee hee....well, maybe a little!

I love playing with all of my cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents! hey are all just so cute! All those funny voices and faces they make all the entertaining!

My favorite hobbies: playing with my toes, chewing on whatever I can get my hands on, rolling over, scooting, touching everything, looking at faces, talking and singing and of course...sleeping, eating and pooping!