Friday, December 28, 2007

10 months old!

I took three steps! YAH me! I'm getting braver but still prefer the fastest mode of transporting myself...crawling is still the way to go! I had my very first Christmas. Pretty fun holiday....lots of fun boxes and wrapping paper to play parents got a video camera so now I'm suppose to" look here, Zoey! Smile big! Talk to mommy!" Mostly I wait until she gives up THEN I do all those things. Then mommy gets the camera out again and then I's a very fun game for me.

I'm eating big girl food. No more jar food, hooray! Still no teeth, not even a sign of a single pearly white...I hope they are in there some where!

I started to do this wave thing. I hold my arm straight up and cross my fingers, then I smile real big. It's how I say "hi" to people. It cracks everyone up....

My birthday is coming up! I can't believe that I am going to be one year old already. Mama is already planning my party. She is going to have a garden party for me and ask that instead of presents, people bring something special for my garden which mama and I are going to plant in the Spring. "Zoey's Garden"....I like the sound of that! I'll probably just eat the dirt.