Tuesday, July 24, 2007

holy moly.... 5 months old !

Today I am officially five months old and can you believe that I'm crawling!! Well, it's my own system of crawling you see but I am definately mobile and I am pretty darn fast when I want to be! I'm very interested in putting anything and everything in mouth! I especially LOVE paper! I also dig my rattles, especially the kind that roll.

Let's see.... I love to laugh. I think my parents are very funny. They keep me in stiches!! Especially, my silly mommy who likes to eat my feet....HILARIOUS!!

I'm very well behaved and my momma and pappa take me out with them all the time, which makes me very happy because I love to see new people and places! I love looking at faces!

I went to the lake again with my family and this time we slept in a tent! I did great. I just love the water! And I wasn't even scared when the little minnows nipped at my toes!

No teeth yet but I have tried a couple tastes of avacado, refried beans, mashed potatos, strawberry and my favorite...popcicle!!

Well, I'm growing like a weed and I'm changing everyday. My cheeks are super chubby and super cute. My strawberry blond hair is growing fast in the back....my mommy says I have a little mullet...whatever that is....business up front, party in the back? Whatever?!

My grandma Hanna is staying at my house. She just had some surgury and is recovering at my house. My job is to keep her spirits up with a double dose of cuteness every hour!

I weigh about 15 lbs now. I wear size two diapers! I never wear shoes...that's because mommy says when I get bigger I'll have to always wear shoes so I better take advantage while I can get away with it! I say it's so my mommy can nibble on my toes at will. My favorite hobbies....crawling, toys with noise, playing with my rattle, drooling, eating paper and charming the world with my super cuteness!

Well that's about it! Ciao for now!