Thursday, April 19, 2007

Almost 8 weeks old!

Sorry for the gap in updates but I've been terribly busy! I had my baptism at 4 weeks old, then came Easter. I also went on my first road trip to Chicago at 6 weeks old. I was very good on the long car ride. I have been having trouble gaining weight. This breast feeding is hard work for me. Momma says that I have the worst nipple confusion of any baby she has ever seen but we work on it every day just the same. Until then, I get some supplemental formula for the extra calories.

I'm long and lean but with super cute chubby cheeks. I'm starting to coo and giggle now. Sometimes, I make bubbles with my mouth. I've gratuated from baths to showers with mommy. I love the shower!!! Sometimes I even fall asleep during showertime.

Overall, life has been good! I hope the weather warms up soon so I can go swimming and play outside with my dogs!