Friday, December 28, 2007

10 months old!

I took three steps! YAH me! I'm getting braver but still prefer the fastest mode of transporting myself...crawling is still the way to go! I had my very first Christmas. Pretty fun holiday....lots of fun boxes and wrapping paper to play parents got a video camera so now I'm suppose to" look here, Zoey! Smile big! Talk to mommy!" Mostly I wait until she gives up THEN I do all those things. Then mommy gets the camera out again and then I's a very fun game for me.

I'm eating big girl food. No more jar food, hooray! Still no teeth, not even a sign of a single pearly white...I hope they are in there some where!

I started to do this wave thing. I hold my arm straight up and cross my fingers, then I smile real big. It's how I say "hi" to people. It cracks everyone up....

My birthday is coming up! I can't believe that I am going to be one year old already. Mama is already planning my party. She is going to have a garden party for me and ask that instead of presents, people bring something special for my garden which mama and I are going to plant in the Spring. "Zoey's Garden"....I like the sound of that! I'll probably just eat the dirt.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Girl !

I'm 9 months and a couple of days old! There is so much to tell you that I don't even know where to start..... Well, let's just work our way up from the bottom or shall I say, the toes!

I'm not yet walking on my own. I can walk around tables and push my toys. I can even hold on from one thing and turn to something else to hold on to. I might even stand alone with no help from anyone or anything but I still get a little nervous about taking those first steps. Now crawling, I have definitely mastered that feat. I zoom from here to there, pull myself up on to whatever I feel like, explore that a bit then move on to something else that strikes my fancy. I am very busy!!!!

Oh that reminds me! Momma finished the learning center! It's kinda like a big play room that is super safe for me to play and explore. Nothing is off limits for me in the learning center! It's so great and me and my momma or pappa just play and play and play! Sometimes, I pull everything off my shelves, all of my books and toys just to watch them fall to the floor. Then mommy will put them back on the shelf so that I can play that fun game over and over again! I have a feeling that all of my fun toys will soon be doubled! My grandparents just might spoil me a little bit at Christmas! My very first Christmas, Hooray!!

Let's see what else is going on.....Oh yes! Still no teeth but I eat food just like the grown -ups do! Well, sort of....Mommy purees food for me but I am allowed to gum some food in small pieces. I love all kinds of food. I even like spicy stuff and garlic, hmm, hmm! I also started drinking water from a sippy cup. My sippy has little frogs on it and I can hold it and drink from it all on my own! I'm such a big girl. Daddy says I better slow down...that I'm growing too fast. I'm 26 inches tall now and 18.7 lbs. Holy Moly!

I make lots of sounds; mamama, dadada, gagaga, babababa, ooooowwww, ehhhh, iiiii, ahahaha, abah, uh, ah just to name a few! I love to talk and sing and dance! Whenever music comes on I just bop up and down. It's so much fun and it seems to make the big people crack up every time!

I'm really having a blast at nine months old. I'm on a great sleeping schedule, 2 naps a day, sleeping through the night (as long as my old trusty friend pacie stays nice and snug in my mouth). I get to hang out with lots of family. Mommy is home with me most of the time but I get to go to my babysitter's house 2x a week and play with all sorts of cool toys and of course my friends Sally and Daniel love to entertain me. On Wednesdays I go visit my Great Grandma "Nanny". She lets me tear up her kitchen with pots and pans and Tupperware toys! It's so much fun. I go to church with my family on Sunday and visit with my cousins, aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grammy too! I like it when my grandma and grandpa "two hairs" come over and visit. They like to watch me play! I went to New Orleans to visit my cousin Lily and Aunt Sara. I loved the French Quarter, lots and lots to see there. And jazz....I like it! I got a great book there, called Jazz Cats! "Jazz Cats, Singin' Jazz Cats" I love how mommy reads it to me, half reading, half singing.

Right now my favorite toy is a little yellow and green hammer and my music piano bus that goes like this, " all the little buddies jammin' with the band...." I am still chewing on everything....I guess you all better watch out when those teeth of mine come in....I know there in there some place!

My hair is light blond and getting longer! My eyes are still big and sparkly blue and yes, My laugh and smile can still light up the world!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

6 months old!

Well, I'm getting bored of being a baby. I think I'm ready to be a toddler already! I'm crawling all over the place and pulling myself up to standing all on my own. I grab at everything and want to know what everything tastes like. I've started eating mashed up food, mostly veggies but I've also had some other stuff too. I am very curious and want to look at everything which causes some problems when it's nap time.

I've really become interested in my dogs, Hank and Ella. They are so funny and I love pulling on their hair and climbing on them.

My people are all doing great. My PopPop was here visiting for a little over a week and my grandma is still staying at my house so I get to cuddle and play with Grandma lucky! Also my cousin Lily has been staying at my house. She loves playing with me but sometimes if I irritate her she says I have to go to time out...whatever that means...

I haven't been swimming as much since mommy says it is too hot for baby but now that I'm 6 months I can wear sunscreen so maybe she will lighten up a bit....I'll work on her...

I weigh in at 16 lbs 25 inches tall. My eyes are still bright blue and my smile can light up the world! Don't be a stranger. I'm so much fun, come and play with me.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

holy moly.... 5 months old !

Today I am officially five months old and can you believe that I'm crawling!! Well, it's my own system of crawling you see but I am definately mobile and I am pretty darn fast when I want to be! I'm very interested in putting anything and everything in mouth! I especially LOVE paper! I also dig my rattles, especially the kind that roll.

Let's see.... I love to laugh. I think my parents are very funny. They keep me in stiches!! Especially, my silly mommy who likes to eat my feet....HILARIOUS!!

I'm very well behaved and my momma and pappa take me out with them all the time, which makes me very happy because I love to see new people and places! I love looking at faces!

I went to the lake again with my family and this time we slept in a tent! I did great. I just love the water! And I wasn't even scared when the little minnows nipped at my toes!

No teeth yet but I have tried a couple tastes of avacado, refried beans, mashed potatos, strawberry and my favorite...popcicle!!

Well, I'm growing like a weed and I'm changing everyday. My cheeks are super chubby and super cute. My strawberry blond hair is growing fast in the mommy says I have a little mullet...whatever that up front, party in the back? Whatever?!

My grandma Hanna is staying at my house. She just had some surgury and is recovering at my house. My job is to keep her spirits up with a double dose of cuteness every hour!

I weigh about 15 lbs now. I wear size two diapers! I never wear shoes...that's because mommy says when I get bigger I'll have to always wear shoes so I better take advantage while I can get away with it! I say it's so my mommy can nibble on my toes at will. My favorite hobbies....crawling, toys with noise, playing with my rattle, drooling, eating paper and charming the world with my super cuteness!

Well that's about it! Ciao for now!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

4 months old

Now things are getting very exciting! This past month, I have learned to scoot and roll over. I play with my toys and chew on everything! I am pre teething which means that I chew on my fist alot and drool...CONSTANTLY! I go through so many bibs in a single wouldn't believe it. I make a lot of sounds and I sing along with mommy. I can sit up all by myself for about 10 seconds but often fall over when I reach for my favorite toes!

I weigh 14 lbs now and I'm 24 inches long! I'm growing like a weed!!

I've been sleeping through the night for some time now which is a big help since momma went back to work part time. My aunt JuJu watches me and I'm a pretty good girl for JuJu. My and I adjusted pretty well to going back to work but I make sure to stay up until momma comes home from work whether daddy like it or not....I guess I should give him a break. Mommy says I mess with daddy's head. Hee Hee hee....well, maybe a little!

I love playing with all of my cousins, aunties, uncles and grandparents! hey are all just so cute! All those funny voices and faces they make all the entertaining!

My favorite hobbies: playing with my toes, chewing on whatever I can get my hands on, rolling over, scooting, touching everything, looking at faces, talking and singing and of course...sleeping, eating and pooping!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Can you believe it's been three months!

Just three months ago and I was born. Alot has happened in the past couple of weeks since my last blog. Well, let's see....I went on my first and second road trip to Chicago. I stayed in a fancy hotel and I even went swimming. Well, I didn't actually swim I mostly just hung out while my mommy held on oh so tight. The water was pretty cold at that pool but I've been swimming at my grandpa's house and his pool is heated. That is much better. My momma got me my very own boat with a shade over top. So, I can just relax the day away.....

I'm definately packing on the pounds now. Momma and Dadda think I've doubled my birth weight but we won't know for sure until my 4 month well baby appointment.

My personality is really starting to show now. I love looking all around and I'm most happy when I'm in a carrier. I love being close to my people. I just graduated to the kind where I can face out and look around. I still love being carried in the sling though too!

I love music and I really love to dance. Right now I just dance along with the grown ups but once I get this whole walking and standing thing down it will be a whole other story.

I'm smiling all the time and every once in a while I might chuckle a bit. It's very cute if I do say so myself. I also have started to talk. Mostly goo goo ga ga stuff but my momma plays along and pretends that she understands me.

My momma goes back to work in two weeks. It will be part time but she will miss me I just know it. I'll let you all know how it goes!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Almost 8 weeks old!

Sorry for the gap in updates but I've been terribly busy! I had my baptism at 4 weeks old, then came Easter. I also went on my first road trip to Chicago at 6 weeks old. I was very good on the long car ride. I have been having trouble gaining weight. This breast feeding is hard work for me. Momma says that I have the worst nipple confusion of any baby she has ever seen but we work on it every day just the same. Until then, I get some supplemental formula for the extra calories.

I'm long and lean but with super cute chubby cheeks. I'm starting to coo and giggle now. Sometimes, I make bubbles with my mouth. I've gratuated from baths to showers with mommy. I love the shower!!! Sometimes I even fall asleep during showertime.

Overall, life has been good! I hope the weather warms up soon so I can go swimming and play outside with my dogs!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

three weeks old!

Well, another week old! Yeah me! This week my parents came up with several nicknames for me. Baybay is the all around favorite. I'm also called barracuda for my sucking capabilities and little bear since I take turns eating all day like I have this need to store my food for the long winter and the next day I sleep alot or hybernate just like a little bear.

Dadda sometimes refers to me as "mini me" since I look more like him these days. This makes momma mad because she wants me to look like her. Oh, well! I can't please them all! No matter who I look like, I'm still adorable. Sometimes, when I'm concentrating my forhead crinkles a little. My momma's favorite is when I am looking around or something attracts my attention and I make a perfect little "o" with my mouth. My silly parents even think I'm cute when I cry...I don't think that part is funny or cute at all!

My grandma and grammy think my eyes are going to stay bright blue like daddy's eyes but mommy is still holding out for a change ina couple of months to green just like her. I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Beautiful Day

Today I ventured outside with mommy. We spent most of the day enjoying the breeze and sunshine. We went on our first walk. Well, mommy did the walking and I rode along in the sling. I really loved just laying on mommy's chest while we rocked and nursed. The puppies got to run around and I had fun watching them play. I can't wait for the warm weather to come.

My hair is getting blonder everyday. I am doing better with nursing but can still be very stubborn sometimes. When I'm not sleeping, I just want to nurse. That's because I'm getting bigger and stronger everyday. I'm working on holding my head up and sometimes when I'm really mad and frustrated I can even push mommy's breast away. I'm a pretty tough cookie already.

As the weather gets warmer, hopefully mommy and daddy will take me on more outings (they are still worried about germs). I still have yet to go anywhere except the pediatrician's office. It's a big big world and I can already tell that I will be very curious to look around and explore everything!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

two weeks old!!

What an adventure! So far so good! Daddy stayed home with mommy and me for the first week. At three days old, I smiled for my parents. They were so excited (even though it was just gas). At five days old, my cord fell off. Daddy was a little freaked out and thought he could see my intestines so it was off to the pediatrician. Dr. Eberhart checked me out and said that everything looked fine and assured my daddy that the inside of my belly button was not going to spill out my insides. He put some silver nitrate to help dry out the remaining part of my umbilical cord. At seven days old, I had my first submersion bath. I loved it!! At eight days old, I made my first tear.

I'm letting mommy sleep 3 hours in between feedings. She's suppose to be napping when I sleep but she just wants to hold me all day long and stare at me. I can't say I blame her....I am pretty cute!

My grandma Hanna stayed at my house to help mommy after daddy went back to work. I love my grandma's singing. Grandma helps to keep mommy calm especially with the breast feeding.

I am growing bigger everyday. Mommy and daddy think I look different already. My daddy stakes claim that I look more like him everyday. I think I look just like my mommy, though. I guess you'll just have to judge for yourselves!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Birth Day

I'm finally here!! I arrived on Saturday, February 24th at 2:33 pm after 16 hours of induced labor. My mommy had a prenatal appt. on Friday and it was decided that labor needed to be induced since my amniotic fluid was too low! Mommy started on Cervidil (to get the cervix softened) at 9:30 pm on Friday and Pitocin at 10:30 am on Saturday. Mommy and Daddy prepared for my birth by going to natural childbirth classes which helped mommy learn to relax and use deep breathing for pain management and it taught daddy to coach mommy through the birthing experience. They did great! The room was filled with family to greet me for my grand arrival. The aunties took great pictures and video so that mommy and daddy will always remember my first birth day and someday I can watch my arrival into the world!

I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family! All of my grandparents, aunties and uncles are already spoiling me with lots of love. My daddy loves wearing me and I'm never not being held by someone. My mommy and I are trying to figure out this breast feeding enigma and everyday is an adventure as we learn more and more about each other. I already have mommy and daddy wrapped around my tiny finger! It was definitely love at first sight!!