Sunday, May 20, 2007

Can you believe it's been three months!

Just three months ago and I was born. Alot has happened in the past couple of weeks since my last blog. Well, let's see....I went on my first and second road trip to Chicago. I stayed in a fancy hotel and I even went swimming. Well, I didn't actually swim I mostly just hung out while my mommy held on oh so tight. The water was pretty cold at that pool but I've been swimming at my grandpa's house and his pool is heated. That is much better. My momma got me my very own boat with a shade over top. So, I can just relax the day away.....

I'm definately packing on the pounds now. Momma and Dadda think I've doubled my birth weight but we won't know for sure until my 4 month well baby appointment.

My personality is really starting to show now. I love looking all around and I'm most happy when I'm in a carrier. I love being close to my people. I just graduated to the kind where I can face out and look around. I still love being carried in the sling though too!

I love music and I really love to dance. Right now I just dance along with the grown ups but once I get this whole walking and standing thing down it will be a whole other story.

I'm smiling all the time and every once in a while I might chuckle a bit. It's very cute if I do say so myself. I also have started to talk. Mostly goo goo ga ga stuff but my momma plays along and pretends that she understands me.

My momma goes back to work in two weeks. It will be part time but she will miss me I just know it. I'll let you all know how it goes!!!