Friday, November 30, 2007

Big Girl !

I'm 9 months and a couple of days old! There is so much to tell you that I don't even know where to start..... Well, let's just work our way up from the bottom or shall I say, the toes!

I'm not yet walking on my own. I can walk around tables and push my toys. I can even hold on from one thing and turn to something else to hold on to. I might even stand alone with no help from anyone or anything but I still get a little nervous about taking those first steps. Now crawling, I have definitely mastered that feat. I zoom from here to there, pull myself up on to whatever I feel like, explore that a bit then move on to something else that strikes my fancy. I am very busy!!!!

Oh that reminds me! Momma finished the learning center! It's kinda like a big play room that is super safe for me to play and explore. Nothing is off limits for me in the learning center! It's so great and me and my momma or pappa just play and play and play! Sometimes, I pull everything off my shelves, all of my books and toys just to watch them fall to the floor. Then mommy will put them back on the shelf so that I can play that fun game over and over again! I have a feeling that all of my fun toys will soon be doubled! My grandparents just might spoil me a little bit at Christmas! My very first Christmas, Hooray!!

Let's see what else is going on.....Oh yes! Still no teeth but I eat food just like the grown -ups do! Well, sort of....Mommy purees food for me but I am allowed to gum some food in small pieces. I love all kinds of food. I even like spicy stuff and garlic, hmm, hmm! I also started drinking water from a sippy cup. My sippy has little frogs on it and I can hold it and drink from it all on my own! I'm such a big girl. Daddy says I better slow down...that I'm growing too fast. I'm 26 inches tall now and 18.7 lbs. Holy Moly!

I make lots of sounds; mamama, dadada, gagaga, babababa, ooooowwww, ehhhh, iiiii, ahahaha, abah, uh, ah just to name a few! I love to talk and sing and dance! Whenever music comes on I just bop up and down. It's so much fun and it seems to make the big people crack up every time!

I'm really having a blast at nine months old. I'm on a great sleeping schedule, 2 naps a day, sleeping through the night (as long as my old trusty friend pacie stays nice and snug in my mouth). I get to hang out with lots of family. Mommy is home with me most of the time but I get to go to my babysitter's house 2x a week and play with all sorts of cool toys and of course my friends Sally and Daniel love to entertain me. On Wednesdays I go visit my Great Grandma "Nanny". She lets me tear up her kitchen with pots and pans and Tupperware toys! It's so much fun. I go to church with my family on Sunday and visit with my cousins, aunts and uncles and Grandma and Grammy too! I like it when my grandma and grandpa "two hairs" come over and visit. They like to watch me play! I went to New Orleans to visit my cousin Lily and Aunt Sara. I loved the French Quarter, lots and lots to see there. And jazz....I like it! I got a great book there, called Jazz Cats! "Jazz Cats, Singin' Jazz Cats" I love how mommy reads it to me, half reading, half singing.

Right now my favorite toy is a little yellow and green hammer and my music piano bus that goes like this, " all the little buddies jammin' with the band...." I am still chewing on everything....I guess you all better watch out when those teeth of mine come in....I know there in there some place!

My hair is light blond and getting longer! My eyes are still big and sparkly blue and yes, My laugh and smile can still light up the world!!!