Monday, August 27, 2007

6 months old!

Well, I'm getting bored of being a baby. I think I'm ready to be a toddler already! I'm crawling all over the place and pulling myself up to standing all on my own. I grab at everything and want to know what everything tastes like. I've started eating mashed up food, mostly veggies but I've also had some other stuff too. I am very curious and want to look at everything which causes some problems when it's nap time.

I've really become interested in my dogs, Hank and Ella. They are so funny and I love pulling on their hair and climbing on them.

My people are all doing great. My PopPop was here visiting for a little over a week and my grandma is still staying at my house so I get to cuddle and play with Grandma lucky! Also my cousin Lily has been staying at my house. She loves playing with me but sometimes if I irritate her she says I have to go to time out...whatever that means...

I haven't been swimming as much since mommy says it is too hot for baby but now that I'm 6 months I can wear sunscreen so maybe she will lighten up a bit....I'll work on her...

I weigh in at 16 lbs 25 inches tall. My eyes are still bright blue and my smile can light up the world! Don't be a stranger. I'm so much fun, come and play with me.