Tuesday, November 3, 2009

2 going on 16!

Just call me Miss Attitude! I am oh so two!!! There is so much I want to say and do...all by myself!!! I put on my own socks, shoes, panties, pants...all by myself. I want to brush my teeth by myself. I want to eat with my green spoon, no blue spoon, no yellow spoon! "Let Zoey do it" that is my catch phrase these days. I am almost completely potty trained. I only use pull ups during nap and bedtime. That is also when I can have my pacey...mom is weening me! Sometimes when I get really tired, I beg for my pacey....that normally means early nap for me! I have started to watch some regular programming. Dora the Explorer is my favorite! Diego, Backyardigans, WonderPets and Max and Ruby are other shows that I enjoy as well. I love playing and use my imagination like a pro....it is just so fun! Mama knows that I need some good "mom time" when Dora's mom has to go in time out....I play Mr. Potatohead with Papa and we have tea parties too. I am such a daddy's girl now. I call for him every single morning. "Papa. Papa!" Sometimes if mom comes to get me I say "no! just papa!" mom gets a little bit sad...but that is too bad, cause I am TWO!!!

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