Tuesday, February 19, 2008

11 months old...Soooo Big!

Well, I've been walking for a couple of weeks now and I finally got my first tooth. It's just to the left on the bottom. Still not sure where the others are but they hurt something fierce! I chew on everything and sometimes I have a hard time sleeping...ouch! I am talking up a storm! I say "papa", "mama", "uh-oh", dog (which actually sounds like "dah"), "baby", ball or "bah", "baba", "yeah, ma", diaper or "die er", and thank you or "ank ooh". I am a chatter box to say the least!!! I sign a couple of words too! "More", "Ball" and "Yeah". I love to play peek-a-boo and I love to listen to music, sing and dance! I just me be on Broadway someday! Look out New York!

I am eating anything and everything. I really like pasta. The messier the better! I am growing like a weed, weighing in at about 21 lbs.

I say "hi" and "bye" and give great big kisses with my mouth wide open. My kisses aren't just wet and sloppy but their loud too! I say "ahhh" just like mama and papa when they plant big wet ones on me!

I am still using my pacie but I am actually not too interested in the baba unless it's morning or bedtime. Mostly I use my trusty old sippy cup. Mama only lets me drink water, though.

I love to play with my toys that sing, blocks, baby dolls and my cars and hammer. My favorite food is applesauce and spahgetti and I hate stuff on my feet. Bare toes are the way to go! I can't wait for summer!!!!

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